The Christmas Bundle includes ALL products:

SpectraLUT:24 LUTs

(worth $29)

24 LUTS! SpectraLUT create an instant film look that goes beyond the Teal-Orange tradition. With the finest color nuances, SpectraLUT is aimed at filmmakers who want to get rid of the digital looking footage, with warm or cool light interpretations

VistaLUT (worth $19)

70s Film Look. Unlike most film looks, VistaLUT doesn't steal lightness, but it generously turns on the lights

KinoLUT (worth $19)

Teal-Orange LUT. Use the variations to exactly get the exposure and the temperature you want from your footage

CCP Adobe CC Plugin

(worth $29)

As pro filmmaker, sometimes you don't want to export your work into external color grading suites, creating too many steps in the editing workflow. The CCP, does it all in the box and at a highly pro quality. And it offers great quick start presets for instant satisfaction, plus 18 sliders mapped to complex primary and secondary color grading algorithms, to fine tune your movie's look